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Established in 1994, Bioessens is a 100% brazilian capital company which, operating in the Japanese market for 10 years "in loco", specialized in the supply of raw propolis to clients of the Food, Pharmaceutical, Phytotherapic and Cosmetic sectors.

During this period technological, logistical and operational improvements were necessary in order to continually meet the needs of each one of these demanding sectors. As a natural result of this process, the company went through a radical re-structuring process during 2001, not only structurally but operationally as well.

In 2.006, Bioessens opened a new distribution channel with one of the biggest Chinese groups – Jiangsu Skyrun International Group – to supply an exclusive line of propolis products.

Under the brand Bioesenses, the first line developed for exclusive distribution by Jiangsu Skyrun International Group in China, is a luxurious package of propolis extracts, available in 4 concentrations: Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver grade.

Using only the best Ultra-green propolis as main raw material, harvested on Minas Gerais south region, these products keep up the worldwide known quality and safety of Bioessens’ propolis extracts.


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