Propolis Extract
Raw Propolis


Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry determines, by its Normative Instruction nº3 of 2001, that the concentration of propolis extract should be measured by the percentage of dried extract.

30MDE – Means that at least 30% of the overall net weight of the product are extracted soluble compounds from propolis.

BRIX - Is the concentration of sacarose (sugar) dissolved within a solution, indicating in most cases a different value from the percentage of Dried Extract.


We've prepared an exclusive graduated dropper to better control of amount of extract used.

Informations about Usage
  Propolis Extract Line Up
    15ESM 20ESM 25ESM 30ESM


Dry extract - 15% - 20% - 25% - 30%
  BRIX - 35% - 40% - 45% - 50%
  Flavonoids - 11 mg/mL - 14 mg/mL - 17 mg/mL - 20 mg/mL

- 5,0 mg/mL

- 7,0 mg/mL - 9,0 mg/mL - 10,5 mg/mL
  ρ-coumaric acid - 0,8 mg/mL - 1,0 mg/mL - 2,0 mg/mL - 2,5 mg/mL

Obs.: Each product is also available in 5L plastic recipients.

Propolis Extract Wax Free Line Up

Bioessens' WAXFREE extracts eliminate the inconveniency of wax adhering to the glass when dropped in water or other non miscible liquids.

Concentration - 15ESM
Dry extract - 15%
BRIX - 35%
Flavonoids - 11 mg/mL

- 5,0 mg/mL

ρ-coumaric acid - 0,8 mg/mL

The recognized Bioessens' Quality standard now more efficient and easier to use in diseases prevention - in a natural way.

Concentration - 20ESM
Dry extract - 20%
BRIX - 40%
Flavonoids - 14 mg/mL
Artepillin-C - 7,0 mg/mL
ρ-coumaric acid - 1,0 mg/mL
    Propolis extract assists in the treatment of influenzas and colds, mouth and throat infections, oral asepsis, aftas, chronic cough, post-surgical intervention recovery, skin diseases and illnesses, etc.

Continued usage of propolis extract does not cause the same kind of microbiological resistance observed in conventional antibiotics. These conventional antibiotics attack the micro-organism by a specific mechanism, breaking its cell membrane structure, its DNA or other in-cell structures thus preventing its survival.

comes with a graduated dropper!

    In the case the medication is not taken for the prescribed period, these micro-organisms gain time and “learn” the antibiotic mechanism, adapt to it, and finally bypass it. On the other hand, that does not seem to happen with propolis extract, in which more than 200 bioactive substances have been identified. However, regardless the number of researches being conducted on antibacterial activities, all mechanisms involved are still not fully understood.
Inclosing so many substances, known and yet-to-be-known ones, it may be that bacteria cannot stand this full scale attack. Also, there is no report in scientific literature of bacteria resistance against propolis actions.

As efficiency of the extract in BODY DEFENSE increases with high concentration rates, we’ve prepared different concentrations for different necessities.


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