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Green Propolis Extracts


Whether it is influenzas, cold, throat infection, mouth diseases, oral asepsis, aftas, post-surgical intervention recovery, illness or any type of skin infection, this Propolis Extract is helpful in curing different diseases. The continued use of Propolis Extract gives the body a unique microbiological resistance that is found in exclusive antibiotics. This Propolis Extract attacks microorganisms via a specific mechanism that includes breaking its (microorganism) Cell Membrane Structure, DNA as well as In-cell Structure. This Propolis Extract has a graduated dropper with it.

Why Our Propolis Extract?

In the case the medication is not taken for the prescribed period, these micro-organisms gain time and “learn” the antibiotic mechanism, adapt to it, and finally bypass it

Propolis Extract has 200 bioactive substances have been identified

Regardless the number of researches being conducted on antibacterial activities; all mechanisms involved are still not fully understood

Inclosing so many substances, known and yet-to-be-known ones, it may be that bacteria cannot stand this full scale attack. Also, there is no report in scientific literature of bacteria resistance against propolis actions

Different Concentrations :As efficiency of the extract in BODY DEFENSE increases with high concentration rates, we’ve prepared different concentrations for different necessities.

Green Propolis Extracts

A. Liquid type

  • a. Extra Green Propolis alcoholic extract
  • b. Extra Green Propolis Glycolic extract - 30% concentration
  • c. 100% Water soluble Extra green Propolis extract
  • d. Premium 100% Water soluble Extra Green Propolis Extract

B. Powder type - Extra Green Propolis Extract powder

  • a. ART MAX - Flav > 40mg/g in quercetin
  • b. Flavonoids > 1% in quercetin
  • c. Flavonoids > 2% in quercetin
  • d. Flavonoids > 4% in quercetin
  • e. 100% Water Soluble
  • f. Premium 100% Water Soluble

C. Other types

  • a. Hard vegetable capsules
  • b. Soft capsules
  • c. Propolis Extract Paste